Let’s talk about The Curve

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Closes 7 Oct 2021

Looking forward

We have made a commitment to support a community-driven recovery. This means that the future of The Curve, once it leaves the Bard Road site, will be shaped, led, and delivered by you.

We will work with you to establish:

  • a Curve Legacy Steering Group made up of residents from North Kensington;
  • its role will be to have ongoing conversations with North Kensington residents to understand how you want The Curve’s budget to be spent. The steering group will also oversee how that money is spent and the services that are delivered;
  • all future Curve funded services will be named as Curve services and come under the remit of this Curve Legacy Steering Group.  

We are therefore inviting you, the community, to share your views and to tell us how you see The Curve’s future.

1. What would be your preference for the future of The Curve?

*Current Curve Services include information advice and guidance; basic skills classes; stay and play; Arabic classes; and social events and activities. Future services will be whatever the Curve Legacy Steering Group decide in collaboration with the community.

2. Thinking about your preference, why do you feel this would be a good option for the future of The Curve?