Rental e-Bike Cycle Parking Bays

Closed 17 May 2023

Opened 5 Apr 2023

Feedback updated 7 Jul 2023

We asked

if we should install 164 new rental e-bike parking bay locations across the borough, to help reduce footway obstructions caused by rental e-bikes. 

You said

Please see individual consultation ward reports below.

We did

The Council is implementing 124 of the proposed rental e-bike parking bays, as below:

Location Proceeding?
Abingdon ward  
S447 - A. Lexham Gardens Yes
S447 - B. Logan Place Yes
S447 - C. Marloes Road Yes
S447 - D. Pembroke Gardens Yes
Brompton & Hans Town ward  
S448 - A. Basil Street Yes
S448 - B. Cadogan Square Yes
S448 - C. Donne Place No
S448 - D. Egerton Gardens Yes
S448 - E. Egerton Terrace Yes
S448 - F. Exhibition Road Yes
S448 - G. Halsey Street No
S448 - H. Hans Road Yes
S448 - I. Lowndes Square Yes
Campden ward  
S449 - A. Airlie Gardens Yes
S449 - B. Campden Hill Yes
S449 - C. Campden Hill Road Yes
S449 - D. Gloucester Walk Yes
S449 - E. Hornton Street Yes
S449 - F. Old Court Place Yes
S449 - G. Palace Gardens Terrace Yes
S449 - H. Phillimore Walk Yes
S449 - I. Strathmore Gardens No
Chelsea Riverside ward  
S450 - A. Alpha Place No
S450 - B. Cheyne Walk Yes
S450 - C. Danvers Street Yes
S450 - D. Flood Street Yes
S450 - E. Lots Road No
S450 - F. Milman's Street Yes
S450 - G. Oakley Street Yes
S450 - H. Old Church Street Yes
S450 - I. Paultons Square No
S450 - J. Upcerne Road No
Colville ward  
S451 - A. All Saints Road No
S451 - B. Colville Square Yes
S451 - C. Denbigh Road Yes
S451 - D. Elgin Crescent Yes
S451 - E. Lancaster Road Yes
S451 - F. Powis Gardens Yes
S451 - G. Powis Terrace Yes
S451 - H. Tavistock Crescent Yes
S451 - I. Westbourne Grove Yes
S451 - J. Westbourne Park Road Yes
Courtfield ward  
S452 - A. Ashburn Place Yes
S452 - B. Bina Gardens No
S452 - C. Brechin Place Yes
S452 - D. Collingham Gardens Yes
S452 - E. Courtfield Gardens Yes
S452 - F. Courtfield Gardens Yes
S452 - G. Cranley Gardens No
S452 - H. Evelyn Gardens Yes
S452 - I. Onslow Gardens No
S452 - J. Onslow Square Yes
S452 - K. Queen's Gate Yes
S452 - L. Roland Gardens Yes
Dalgarno ward  
S453 - A. Barlby Road Yes
S453 - B. Bracewell Road Yes
S453 - C. Dalgarno Gardens Yes
S453 - D. Pangbourne Avenue Yes
S453 - E. St Charles Square Yes
S453 - F. St Mark's Road No
S453 - G. Sutton Way Yes
S453 - H. Sutton Way Yes
Earl's Court ward  
S454 - A. Barkston Gardens No
S454 - B. Earl's Court Gardens Yes
S454 - C. Earls Court Square No
S454 - D. Hogarth Road Yes
S454 - E. Kempsford Gardens Yes
S454 - F. Nevern Square No
S454 - G. Templeton Place Yes
S454 - H. Trebovir Road No
S454 - I. Penywern Road No
S454 - J. Philbeach Gardens Yes
Golborne ward  
S455 - A. Blagrove Road Yes
S455 - B. Cambridge Gardens Yes
S455 - C. Faraday Road Yes
S455 - D. Golborne Road Yes
S455 - E. Kensal Road Yes
S455 - F. Morgan Road Yes
S455 - G. Southern Row Yes
S455 - H. St Michaels Gardens Yes
Holland ward  
S456 - A. Abbotsbury Road Yes
S456 - B. Addison Road Yes
S456 - C. Addison Road No
S456 - D. Fairfax Place Yes
S456 - E. Holland Gardens Yes
S456 - F. Holland Park Yes
S456 - G. Holland Villas Road No
S456 - H. Ilchester Place Yes
S456 - I. Melbury Road Yes
S456 - J. Melbury Road No
Norland ward  
S457 - A. Ladbroke Road No
S457 - B. Lansdowne Road No
S457 - C. Lansdowne Road Yes
S457 - D. Lansdowne Walk Yes
S457 - E. Norland Square Yes
S457 - F. Penzance Place Yes
S457 - G. Queensdale Road No
S457 - H. Rosmead Road No
S457 - I. St James's Gardens No
S457 - J. St Mark's Place Yes
Notting Dale ward  
Clarendon Road (footway) Yes
S458 - A. Avondale Park Road Yes
S458 - B. Darfield Way Yes
S458 - C. Freston Road Yes
S458 - D. Lancaster Road Yes
S458 - E. Portland Road Yes
S458 - F. Stoneleigh Place Yes
S458 - G. Walmer Road Yes
S458 - H. Whitchurch Road No
Pembridge ward  
S459 - A. Chepstow Crescent Yes
S459 - B. Kensington Park Gardens Yes
S459 - C. Kensington Park Road 1 Yes
S459 - D. Kensington Park Road 2 Yes
S459 - E. Ladbroke Terrace Yes
S459 - F. Pembridge Place Yes
S459 - G. Pembridge Square Yes
Queens Gate ward  
S460 - A. Cornwall Gardens Yes
S460 - B. Elvaston Place No
S460 - C. Grenville Place Yes
S460 - D. Kelso Place No
S460 - E. Kensington Court Yes
S460 - F. Queens Gate Yes
S460 - G. Queen's Gate Place Yes
S460 - H. Victoria Road Yes
Redcliffe ward  
S461 - A. Bramham Gardens Yes
S461 - B. Drayton Gardens No
S461 - C. Gilston Road Yes
S461 - D. Gledhow Gardens No
S461 - E. Hollywood Road Yes
S461 - F. Redcliffe Place Yes
S461 - G. Redcliffe Square Yes
S461 - H. Redcliffe Square Yes
S461 - I. The Boltons Yes
S461 - J. The Little Boltons No
S461 - K. Tregunter Road Yes
S461 - L. Wharfedale St No
Royal Hospital ward  
S462 - A. Cadogan Gardens Yes
S462 - B. Cheltenham Terrace Yes
S462 - C. Flood Walk Yes
S462 - D. Franklin's Row Yes
S462 - E. Ormonde Gate Yes
S462 - F. Radnor Walk Yes
S462 - G. St Leonard's Terrace No
 S462 - H. Sloane Gardens Yes
St Helen's ward  
S463 - A. Cambridge Gardens Yes
S463 - B. Highlever Road Yes
S463 - C. Kelfield Gardens No
S463 - D. Ladbroke Grove Yes
S463 - E. Oxford Gardens No
S463 - F. Snarsgate Street No
S463 - G. St Charles Square Yes
S463 - H. St Helen's Gardens No
S463 - I. St Marks Road 1 No
S463 - J. St Marks Road Yes
Stanley ward  
S464 - A. Astell Street Yes
S464 - B. Burnsall Street Yes
S464 - C. Camera Place Yes
S464 - D. Chelsea Square Yes
S464 - E. Elm Park Road No
S464 - F. Hobury Street No
S464 - G. Hortensia Road Yes
S464 - H. Ixworth Place Yes
S464 - I. Limerston Street Yes
S464 - J. Manresa Road Yes

Results updated 7 Jul 2023

The consultation reports for each ward are set out below:



Rental e-bikes have become a regular sight on borough streets and can be a convenient alternative to public transport or driving. The number of trips made by rental e-bikes has increased greatly in Kensington and Chelsea over the last few years.

However, we recognise that parking of rental e-bikes on narrower footways can cause a nuisance to residents, particularly where the footway is obstructed for those using wheelchairs or buggies. The Council is therefore proposing to provide dedicated parking bays in appropriate locations across the borough for use by e-bike hire operators and their customers. This will allow us to bring more control to where bikes are parked and reduce the impact on pedestrians.

In order to introduce these bays in the carriageway, we need to make changes to our traffic management orders. The locations of the proposed on-street parking bays can be found in the notice below:

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing. Please download the PDF.

Why your views matter

We are seeking your views on provision of 164 new rental e-bike parking bay locations across the borough. Your comments will help us decide whether to proceed with the proposals. An example of a marked rental e-bike parking bay on the footway is shown below:

Example of a marked rental e-bike parking bay on the footway

Please use our online survey below to select the location you would like to respond to and provide your comments.

If you have any queries or require assistance in other languages, please contact the Sustainable Transport Team by email at or by phone at  020 7361 3628.


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