Tavistock Gardens improvements

Closed 22 Nov 2023

Opened 3 Oct 2023

Feedback updated 24 Jan 2024

We asked

We asked for your views on improving Tavistock Gardens, by giving your thoughts on the current facilities, as well as ideas for improvement. Specifically, we asked for your opinions on the types and quantities of planting, fencing, lighting and CCTV in the gardens.

We also asked whether you would like to see the “Hand off Mangrove” sculpture garden installed within this open space.

Finally, we sought your interest in volunteering to help plant some of the new shrubs.

You said

We received 89 responses to the survey.

Who took part: Most respondents were female, at 58 percent, and all were above 25 years old. 25 percent of respondents reported a physical or mental health condition that was expected to last 12 months or more. 67 percent of respondents described their ethnic origin as white.

How people use the gardens: Just over half of respondents visit the garden at least two to three times per week. Just over half say they use the gardens for sitting, relaxing, walking and/or light exercise. Just over one third meet friends and around a quarter walk a dog or use the playground. One in five eat in the gardens and 16 percent use the gym equipment.

Satisfaction with the gardens: Most residents were satisfied with the trees at 61 percent. This was followed by satisfaction with paths at 43 percent and peace and quiet at 38 percent. Dissatisfaction was highest for the lawn area and cleanliness at 49 percent, seating 47 percent and shrub beds 45 percent. The most common sited complaints were for the maintenance of shrub and lawn areas, lack of seating, anti-social behaviour, dog fouling and rubbish.

Suggested planting: Most residents would like to see wildflowers to attract birds and butterflies, colourful plants of all year interest and sensory plants such as herbs and ornamental grasses. Just over a third also supported plants that produce edible fruit, such as fruit trees.

Provide more: Half of residents would like to see more trees, shrubs and seating in the gardens. 55 percent would like the same amount of lawn or less.

Fencing along Tavistock Road: Nearly half of respondents supported additional fencing, with just over a quarter ‘neutral’ and just under a quarter opposed. Of those opposed, ‘not needed’ was the most common reason.

Street lighting: 42 percent support additional lighting in the gardens, with 35 percent opposed. Of those opposed, ‘not needed’ was the most common reason.

CCTV in the gardens: Nearly two thirds of respondents supported more CCTV in the gardens, with only 16 percent opposed

General comments: The most common comments were for more flowers, colour and wildlife in the gardens.

Hands off Mangrove sculpture: 44 percent of respondents supported the sculpture garden, with just over one third ‘neutral’ and one in five opposed. Of those opposed, concerns about too much space being used was the most common.

Volunteering: 35 percent of respondents would like to volunteer planting new shrubs in the gardens.

We did

Trees and shrubs: We will replant shrub beds with small trees and shrubs to attract birds and butterflies, and plants providing all year-round colour. Shrub beds will be protected by low-level bow-top fencing. Where conditions allow, we will also plant herbs and small fruit trees. Herbs can be grown within the planters proposed at the main entrance to the gardens, where there is more sunlight. There is support for more planting, which can be accommodated within planters and around the sculpture garden.

Seating: There is support for more seating within the gardens. Taking into account a relatively high number of users of the gardens with a physical mobility condition, these seats will have sturdy backs and armrests for extra support.

Fencing: There is support for fencing along Tavistock Road, and this will be provided to match the height and style of fencing along All Saints Road. Protective low-level fencing will also be installed in front of shrub beds, as mentioned above. There are no plans to lock the gardens at night.

Street lighting: There is some support for additional street lighting within the gardens and this will be further explored where there are ‘dark spots’.

CCTV in the gardens: There is strong support for extra CCTV in the gardens and this will be progressed to discourage anti-social behaviour.

Other concerns: Concerns raised about rubbish, dog fouling and maintenance will be forwarded to the Parks Team, who manage the grounds maintenance contract, and the RBKC Parks Police, who support in controlling anti-social behaviour. Low bow-top railings around the shrub borders and the fence on Tavistock road should help to address some of these issues, particularly around dog fouling and litter in shrub borders.

“Hands off Mangrove” Sculpture Garden: There is support for the new sculpture garden and this will be installed. NCIL funding has already been secured to help with the costs. Concerns about the sculpture garden taking up too much space will be acknowledged by ensuring that planting around the sculpture does not take up too much of the lawn area.

Volunteering: Volunteers will be invited to help plant up some of the shrub beds in the spring 2024.

Results updated 19 Feb 2024



Tavistock Gardens is a much loved green public open space bordered by Tavistock Road, All Saints Road and Tavistock Crescent in North Kensington.

It contains a large lawn surrounded by trees, shrub beds, a children’s playground and an exercise area with gym equipment.

The gardens are now looking tired and we would love to hear your views on improving them by expressing your preference on green spaces, safety, your possible involvement and any other suggestions you may have to make it the most loved local park.  

See the proposal plan below:

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing. Please download the PDF.

Why your views matter

We would really appreciate your views to help us make improvements to the gardens, so that it can continue to meet the needs of local residents.

If you have any queries, require a paper copy of the consultation, or require assistance in other languages, please contact the Parks Projects Team at parksprojects@rbkc.gov.uk or 07591201417.


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