Polling districts and polling places review 2024

Closed 18 Feb 2024

Opened 8 Jan 2024


At least once every five years, the Council is required to review all the polling districts and polling places in the borough. This is to make sure that all electors continue to have access to reasonable facilities for voting.  

The review looks at the scheme of polling districts and polling places, which must be agreed by Full Council. 

A polling district is a geographical area set for the purposes of an election only. All voters who live in the same polling district go to the same polling place to vote, which should be located within the border where possible. 

A polling place is the whole building or area where your polling station is located and where you go to vote. There may be more than one polling station inside the polling place depending on how many voters need to vote there. 

The review cannot make changes to the boundaries of borough wards or parliamentary constituencies.

The specific places proposed for change are:

Ward Polling District Current location Proposed location
Golborne GOAK St Thomas Primary School, Appleford Road, W10 5EF St Thomas Kensal Town, 231 Kensal Road, W10 5DB
Holland HOBK Hilton London Olympia, 380 Kensington High Street W14 8NL Kensington Primary Academy, 205 Warwick Road, W14 8PU

For more details, please download and view the full document outlining the polling district and places proposals.

Further information, is outlined in the statutory notice.

You can also views maps of each of the voting wards which outline the polling districts and proposed polling places below. If you are unsure which ward you live in, you can use the 'Find my Councillor' tool on the Council's website to do this. 

Why your views matter

Kensington and Chelsea Council invites the views of all residents on any existing polling district and/or polling place. We are particularly keen to hear from residents with a disability as we are committed to ensuring that all accessibility considerations are taken into account for voters at every polling station. Any person making a representation where a change to an existing polling place is being proposed should, if possible, give alternative places that may be used as a polling place.

Please note that all responses received will be considered as part of the review process and will be published in a report. To respect residents' privacy, these will be completely anonymised in the published report.

Residents can also opt to share their feedback via email to elect@rbkc.gov.uk or through written correspondence addressed to Electoral Services team at the Town Hall, Hornton, Street, W8 7NX, if you prefer.

If you have any queries, or require assistance in other languages, please contact the Electoral Services Team by email at elect@rbkc.gov.uk or by phone at 020 7361 3444.


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